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Improve the Grading System:

Luis would like to give students a better understanding of where they stand by reimplementing the A-D and F grading scale.  This will allow them to strive and achieve more.

Fix the Discipline Issues:

Luis would like to provide standard disciplinary actions across the board established by the school board and tasked by administration. This will allow for more efficiency. He would also like to remove cell phones from class rooms to prevent distraction and unnecessary disciplinary actions by teachers that takes them away from their lesson plans.

Increase School Safety:

Because law enforcement is so undermanned, Luis would like to incorporate special conservators of the peace in the schools systems. Currently schools retain one police officer per school and his plan would allow for 2-3 conservators to cover more ground and provide more protection for the students. (Except in 55 elementary schools).

Bring Back Valedictorian & Salutatorian: 

Recognition is important amongst peers. Luis knows these students work very hard and they deserve to be awarded.

Establish Equality of Education for Students with Special Needs:

As a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, Luis feels there is room for improvement when evaluating a child for continued education or being recommended for self sufficiently during the IEP process.

Luis Cortes III for Virginia Beach School Board